Monday, September 5, 2011

Stem Cells to treat Baldness?

In case there weren't enough uses for Stem Cells already, what from giving religious fanatics a reason to detest science, or giving cancer patients hope, there is a new reason to praise the pinnacle of modern bioscience. Stem cells are revealing new secrets to the human body seemingly every day. Today, I came across a science article on using Stem Cells to treat baldness. While it seems silly at first, the mechanism is quite simple: Find stem cells, tell them to grow hair, and they obey. Somewhat like engineered growth, the stem cells can actually work to grow hair in men whose follicles have gone dormant and stopped growing hair. Right now the research is in the early stages. Scientists have only right now found the signal to trigger hair regrowth, and it hasn't been tested fully in the lab yet, although it gives hope, and maybe in the next year or two we can see a proof of concept. I'm quite sure there won't be any shortage of willing patients for a test trial. Thankfully, I still have all MY hair, but if my genes serve me right, I should be worrying soon. No bother! by that time, I can just get a nice injection of stem cells into my scalp and be right as rain!


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